onsdag 17 februari 2010

Picking noses!


If you visit Hepcat.se or click this link Special picks you'll find (in the navigation bar to your left) some of my co-workers favourite records, just click their names you might find something cool.
Somehow my favourites aren't there, I guess I'm just to Hardcore to participate.

Peace out!

torsdag 10 december 2009

On the road again

Records, records, records.
I promised you all my friends that I would inform you when the somewhat heavier stuff arrived at the Saint. Well we got a big shipment from Sound Pollution this week, yesterday actually.
Ok, listen to this; Bad Brains - Build a nation 7" box, the hard to get Final Exit - Det egentliga Västerbotten box and finally we have Madball, Social D, Judge, Descendents, Samiam and Rise against in store! Hurry up limited editions only!

onsdag 25 november 2009

Look at that cat he could totally wear a hat

Hello Bastard

Ok friends this is sort of a tip and not really something I write about in a commercial purpose. So let’s see, Brixton. Ever heard about that brand? They have some fuckin’ cool shit to offer and that brand is the only reason why I wear hats eh or excuse because you see it's like this; in Sweden there's something we like to call "hat bands" or "hat people!" and that's not something you want to be called, a insult in other words. The public opinion are that fashion statements like that not really belong in Punkrock if you're not like Mike Ness or maybe Tim Armstrong.
So and check this I'm not making any excuses now, fuck that shit because that's just bitter old pretentious assholes that think like that. He he but there's some really wierd people out there in the real world that look fakkin ridiculous and ehh we call them posers. I used to look really dumb with something on my head and maybe I still do but I decided that I do it in and with style and I don't really care what anybody think. Decide for yourselves and remember; "Disco sucks, fuck everything!"

måndag 23 november 2009


Hey friends!
Mondays sucks and everyone knows it.
That means that at the moment I don't really have anything serious to write about except that I want to point out the fact that I'm a band called Vervain. We rock and I think that I on and off and now and then will write a little something about us. And yeah I know this blog is supposed to be all about what’s going on at saint 21/Heptown records/Hepcat store but Vervain is actually a part of that to. So check out this, this and that.
So until we meet again enjoy this little gem from Heptowns own Dixon speed

tisdag 10 november 2009


The Misfits

Maybe it’s hard to understand but many years ago Misfits was a great Hardcore band and not the joke they are today. If you actually could get hold of a Misfits shirt with the now famous fiend logo back in the early nineties you would’ve ruled the scene at least where I’m from. As we all know it’s a little bit different these days and these days I wear my Misfits shirt everyday in a shape of a tattoo. I won’t lie to you that band changed my life and I have had some great moments listening and drinking to their music. So what I’m getting at is this; does anyone know where they got there name? I’ll tell you, it’s from a movie with the very same name starring Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift. This also happens to be the last movie for both Gable and Monroe and many of her fans sees this as her very best performance. Even if the title of the movie doesn’t reefer directly to the main characters which is a bunch of outcasts and so called Misfits. They're four different persons kinda pushed aside and together by society this made me think of the staff here at HepTown Records. Punks, everyone with different issues and stories. Misfits that according to the social norms that should have gotten "real" jobs a long time ago. Don’t get me wrong now because this is a choice we made and with pride we walk the paths that we now do. Even if as I said we all ended up where we are cause society forced us to, their society. Now I’m going to quote Mr. Skratch out of Skratchs Garage (duh) “They kept me on the outside all my life, never tried to make friends or even talk to me. That’s why in the end we all end up together. And now suddenly they wanna be friends with me and you know what Francke? That’s not even a option fuck em’ I never needed that shit anyways” Although this maybe not is exactly what he said to the last word you get the point. I’m not bitter or trying to make martyrs out of us, it’s just the truth and everybody can see it. So I never really considered myself as a part of their society then Rob said something I can’t look beside. Because I choose to be different, dress different, act different and look different I’m actually just doing as I’m supposed to and I’m only different to their standards. Ouch! But as the time is it’s all we got Jand it’s the very best we can do
So here’s the HepTown Crew: Svegis from The Bristles and The Negatives a real Swedish Punk legend. Chris Steen that together with me plays in Vervain and have been in many, many Punk bands his whole life. He never kept a job or went to a school that he didn’t drop out of. Rob our “boss” who’s been a part of the scene his whole life as a driver, merch seller and a whole lot of other things that I can’t even name. Me myself and I who discovered Punk at the end of the 80s and never looked back. And ahh now I remember there’s another more accurate word for people like us; losers..

fredag 6 november 2009

Dance fever

Oi friends!
Long time no see, how you been and have you missed me? I know it's been a good while since I wrote something in the blogg, sorry about that. Or no on the other hand I'm not sorry because I've been busy as hell! As I said I've been working hard at the Saint trying to learn the ropes, making knots out of it, smoking it (it's made of hemp) I even tried hanging myself on it. Ehh he he no not really it isn’t that serious now I know how the operation is run and it's hmm a secret :D
Well I said in my earlier entry’s here that is was going to inform you about all the cool records that before I started here was left in the dark. so here it goes:
We released a new Untamed record that is fucking great! I have to admit that I never paid any attention to this band before and that's my mistake cause they do a nice mix between horror-rockabilly-punkrock so be sure to check out their earlier records too. But their new kickass release is called Delicious Death and as I said it's good, really good. Can you imagine a mix between
Danzig, Cramps and the early Misfits stuff? At least it's something I can dig if you catch my drift. Internet up HepTown Records Myspace and listen to a song called "Annie" if that doesn't convince and impress you well it's your mistake.
So until we meet again; fuck you biatches!